DIY Portable Treadmill Desk

Modern Portable Treadmill Desk

Portable treadmill desk is an innovative idea that allows you to work simultaneously on your laptop and exercise. While many versions can be purchased in stores, the treadmill desk is often quite expensive or elaborate. You can create your own treadmill desk easily at home with a short list of materials.

Measure the distance between the time arms portable treadmill desk, and from the weapons reaching to the bottom of the treadmill. Buy your supplies. The wooden shelf must be long enough to fit over the arms walking on the treadmill, and wide enough to support your laptop. Bungee cords should be long enough to reach to the bottom of the treadmill.

Paint wooden shelf matching portable treadmill desk if desired. Let dry completely. Drill a small hole in the top of the shelf, centered along the far left side. The holes do not reach all the way through the shelf, as it will be used to attach the bungee cord. Repeat step four on the far right side of the shelf. Place the wooden shelf evenly over time arms treadmill. Attach each side. Stretch the bungee cords from the boreholes to the bottom of the treadmill. Bungee cords should keep the shelf tense in place.

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