Popular Loft And Bunk Beds

New Loft And Bunk Beds

Loft and bunk beds – loft and bunk beds preschool children, the one- and two-story playhouse and castle styles come in low size for preschoolers. The playhouse bed, which comes in many colors, features an indoor playground with a ladder, slide and a spacious playground below. The top holding a tent and bottom have “walls” – curtains with sewed windows and a door. The castle loft, a similar concept, facing the top tent in a tower and bottom playground in a fort with patterned curtains.

Most of the preschooler styles also come in the middle height rise, holding a single or double mattress. Some designs have a loft and bunk beds configuration. A space shuttle theme uses one or two double mattresses and a “cockpit” with a bench for two children. Such loft and bunk beds can have a ladder and slide, or you can add a “wing” that serves as a springboard platform. An extensive wooden castle bed, with a tower stairs and a bookcase, using a crackle paint job to give it an old look. The wooden fortress bed looks like a miniature cabin, with a staircase and realistic detail.

Some stores sell extra long, high loft and bunk beds that have enough room underneath for a full size bed or futon. You can order a pre-made loft and bunk beds or have it built to your specifications, customized by size and style to fit the space and aesthetics of its owner.

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