Toddler Bed Canopy

Toddler Bed Canopy  Car

Toddler bed canopy – A canopy makes a girl’s room magically become a princess room. Canopy beds can be expensive, but you can easily and economically its own pavilion for your child. It is a project that requires minimal effort, but it makes a big impact. Measure the ceiling height in the room of his son. This measure will be the basis for the length of their flag, so be sure to get an accurate reading.the fabric canopy. You can use tulle or pure material that catches your attention.

.Cut fabric strips 8 inches. Cut lengthwise so that you have very long strips of material. Toddler bed canopy The strips should be about the same width but do not worry if they are slightly irregular.Wrap one end of the first strip around the hula hoop and closed thing. Repeat until you have sewn cloth strips all the way around the rim.the canopy. Turn your eye bolts in the ceiling above the headboard of the child.

Arrange three screws slightly smaller than the triangle. Use fishing line, wire or any strong chain of choice Toddler bed canopy Thread the string through the eyelet and then wrap it tightly around the hula hoop several times, and then tie off. Repeat for each Place the fabric strips correctly. Push some of them round the back of the headboard, and organize others to fall on the sides of the mattress, creating an opening where your child will settle down.


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