Toddler Booster Chair Ideas

Childrens Booster Seat Age

Toddler booster chair provide increased space for children. High chairs are what they sound like – full chairs providing seating and a tray to eat. Toddler booster chair are placed on a standard dining chair to raise a baby to table height. All types should provide a safe seat for small children.

A high chair is a freestanding piece of furniture that contains both a place and a tray. Children sit in the chair and eat from the tray, which often is removable for easy cleaning. A toddler booster chair sits on an adult sized chair so a child can comfortably sit at a standard height table. The toddler booster chair can have a set of straps to secure it to the chair, and another set to secure the child in the booster seat. A child seat allows a child to sit and eat from a tray, preventing damage to a dining table or dining chair and contain messes. High chairs take up more space than a booster seat, but some models fold for storage or can convert to subsequent uses, such as a child’s chair and table. Toddler booster chair are less intrusive and more portable. Some models include washers, but many must be used at a table. Some crossover models are equipped with the structure and support of a child but draws directly on the table without tray.